Ahmed Khelloufi (Best Author)

First Maghribi book in English language

About this Book - Maghribi Mabsut

This book is one of the first Maghribi script teaching resources in the English language available for non-Arabic speakers.

It gives in-depth information while dissecting each letter and explains the initial steps, directions of strokes and measurement of letters using the Nuqtah (dot) as the unit of measurement. The learner will discover how letters, when joined, change their shape, position and size.

The book starts with an introduction to Arabic calligraphy, the different styles of the Maghribi scripts, the writing material required for this art and some of the best calligraphy practices. The first part explains each individual letter in an easy manner while allowing the learner to practice it on the same page.

The second part shows how letters are joined together while providing samples words, sentences and quotes in the Maghribi Mabsut script.

After finishing all the exercises, students are encouraged to write and design their own final project using a template of the Maghribi Mabsut script provided towards the end.

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Get your copy today and discover in-depth information while dissecting each letter by understanding the initial steps, directions of strokes and measurement of each letter form and how they connect to each others.
A real treat of a book for any Arabic calligrapher interested to learn Maghribi Mabsut Script. Book is very easy to follow with clear instructions and pictures showing how to hold the pen, how to execute the strokes and in what order. Book progresses from teaching letters in isolation to letter combinations and some phrases and sentences. You can practice directly in the book or print out the page you want to practice or simply use the book only as a model book (mashq) and practice on a clean sheet of paper. Highly recommend.
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Biography Author

Ahmed Khelloufi

Ahmed Khelloufi is a multi-disciplinary calligrapher and graphic designer based in London.

He creates Arabic Calligraphy artworks and teaches Maghribi Mabsut and Kufi Mushafi scripts.

He has a master’s level Ijāzah (licence) in Maghribi Mabsut script, which traditionally allows him to teach others.

Ahmed is very passionate about Islamic art and calligraphy, especially Maghribi and Andalusi scripts. He shares his passion and knowledge which he has built up through his extensive experience and provides guidance, advice, and support to his students on their journey into the world of Islamic Calligraphy.

His website: www.khelloufi.com

what's in the book

Chapters and sections

Part 1

Single letter forms

Table of contents

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Pen styles

Sharp Qalams and pen

Maghribi scripts styles

Mabsut, Mujawhar, Zimami & Thuluth

Book Overview

Very easy to follow with clear instructions and pictures showing how to hold the pen, how to execute the strokes.

Chapter 1

Introduction to Arabic calligraphy and MAghribi Qalams (Pens) materials and tools used.

Chapter 2

How to write single letter forms using outlined shapes then practicing them in dedicated area

Chapter 3

How to write combined letter forms using by practicing them in dedicated area with a final project template.

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