Maghribi Mabsut


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This book is one of the first Maghribi script teaching resources in the English language available for non-Arabic speakers. It gives in-depth information while dissecting each letter and explains the initial steps, directions of strokes and measurement of letters using the Nuqtah (dot) as the unit of measurement.

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The learner will discover how letters, when joined, change their shape, position and size. The book starts with an introduction to Arabic calligraphy, the different styles of the Maghribi scripts, the writing material required for this art and some of the best calligraphy practices. The first part explains each individual letter in an easy manner while allowing the learner to practice it on the same page. The second part shows how letters are joined together while providing samples words, sentences and quotes in the Maghribi Mabsut script.

After finishing all the exercises, students are encouraged to write and design their own final project using a template of the Maghribi Mabsut script provided towards the end.



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